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We are passionate about our coffee. As a coffee shop, our specialty is coffee, right? And as a coffee roaster, I am passionate about selecting and crafting the finest coffees we can find. We hope that you will come in to enjoy and to savor the different coffees we offer at Jlodge. Our prices are the lowest you will find for this high quality coffee.

But actually, for us, the main point is not the coffee. Our customers, you, are the main point of Jlodge. Knowing you and sharing your life through the timeless ways of conversation are the point. 

To honor the value of excellence as an art form; to honor you through our striving to be the best; and to honor our Creator, God who empowers us with life, love and grace.

We seek to give expression to the three values of Beauty, Truth and Meaning. 

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Yuka and I were married 20 years ago in Tokyo. We went back to the US and lived in San Francisco. We loved living there but the time came when we knew it was time for us to come back to Japan. That was 10 years ago. 

When we came to Japan we had no idea that we would end up at Jlodge. But we love it! It fits us perfectly! Our love for coffee and our love for people have blended together into a coffee shop that is a refuge of peace and a fun place where everyone is welcomed.

Camping and wilderness backpacking have been our favorite hobbies from the beginning of our marriage until now. Drinking coffee in the morning with mountains rising up all around is beautiful and inspiring to us.


We purchase beans from all over the coffee belt. Our coffees come from Latin America, Asia, Africa and sometimes the Middle East. 

Specialty coffee comes from all these regions and we stock the best quality beans we can find with the most interesting flavors.

You will find coffee from Columbia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Rwanda, Ethiopia and more. We strive to always offer coffee that has rated a cupping score of 87 or higher. 

Jlodge is considered to be a micro, artisan-roaster. We are proud to be part of the Scott Rao school of roasting. In this way I am able to continually develop and improve in the craft of roasting. 

I hope you can come in to enjoy our coffee OR, you can order it to be delivered to your doorstep!

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of the world

Coffee grows in the region of the world called the equatorial zone. Because the best of the world’s coffee grows in this area it is also sometimes called the Coffee Belt. Coffee grows well there because the growing conditions are so good. Different soil conditions, altitudes and varying climates result in a wide variety of coffee types. 

Coffee growers use different methods for processing the coffee they have grown. This adds a lot of complexity to the flavors you can find in the many varieties of coffee.

At Jlodge uou can go on an around the world tasting journey! 

Coffee Roasting

We use only specialty grade coffee beans that have been selected from coffee grown all around the world.




We always seek to roast beans from different places in ways that will highlight the unique and special flavors of those beans.



Our desire is to honor the men and women who have worked hard to grow and process the beans. We also want to honor you, our friends who come to drink with us. And, through the work of our hands, we seek to bring honor God who has created this wonderful drink.



We still have a lot to learn. But as we learn we are striving to be among the best coffee shops in Japan. We hope you will join us in our journey into excellence!


Brewing matters

Coffee is a seed that grows inside a coffee cherry. To extract the flavors that were brought out in the roasting process you need to get these five things right:

  • Volume (amount of coffee)
  • Grind size – something like course sand
  • Temperature of the water – 96 ~ 98c
  • Time it takes to brew your coffee
  • Technique (the way of preparing the coffee and pouring water.

This YouTube video is Scott Rao’s technique for using a Kalita Wave brewing device. 

These things are subject to the taste of whomever is drinking the coffee. But there are guidelines that were developed by the Specialty Coffee Association. Without going into details, here at Jlodge we brew our coffee within the recommended ratio of 55g of coffee/liter.
Grind size should be medium. Not too big and not too small. Something like course sand is a good starting point. You might want to play around with this to get the grind size that best suits your taste.  I Try to finish up my pour at about 2min 30sec. If your pour seems to take too long, try a courser grind  and if it seem too fast, try going a little finer with your grind size. The stirring and swirling that Scott Rao uses is an important step to eliminate places in your coffee mass where the water finds cracks (channels) where it flows through too fast.     

Finally, the most important step is to sit back and enjoy your great cup of coffee! 

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Jlodge is a Communication Cafe!!

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